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VT Inspections is an independent lift and escalator inspection company based in London. We offer a diverse range of vertical transportation related services to clients in London and the South East.

We assist property managers with their statutory and operational commitments to ensure that their lifts and escalators are fit for purpose and meet the statutory requirements for safe working practice.

With over 15 years experience in the vertical transportation sector, we assist clients with the maintenance management of their lift portfolios. We also provide independent consultancy for the installation of new lifts and modernisation works.  



Here are a few ways that we can help you with...



Ensuring Statutory Compliance

Under the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (also known as LOLER), all lifting equipment should be thoroughly examined where there is a risk that deterioration could lead to a dangerous situation. VT Inspections provides routine in-service examinations of lifts to comply with the requirements of LOLER.
Our engineer surveyors carry out thorough visual examinations, focusing on safety critical components. These examinations are aimed at reporting defects and assessing a lift's fitness for continued use - that is ensuring that health and safety conditions are maintained and that any deterioration can be detected and remedied in good time.


Assessing the effectiveness of maintenance

VT Inspections offer flexible maintenance management consultancy to support building managers with the managing and budgeting requirements of their lifts and escalators.
Through our maintenance management support services, we process the thorough examination reports, organise periodic meetings with the lift maintenance company and carry out maintenance audits.
The periodic meetings with the maintenance provider serve to follow up from the LOLER examinations, review lift and escalator breakdowns, analyse callout response times and resolve any issues that arise on particular lifts and escalators.
We carry out regular lift and escalator maintenance audits to assess the quality and effectiveness of the maintenance carried by your service provider.
We can assist you with the setting up and supervision of maintenance contracts, budgeting of repairs and lift upgrades.



Boosting safety, reliability and appearance of lifts

VT Inspections offer consultancy related to the modernisation of lifts.
Through site condition surveys we assess what is required to improve the reliability, energy efficiency and appearance of existing lifts. We assess what is required to bring the lift installations in line with the latest safety and accessibility standards.
For certain lift installations a modular modernisation could be a cost effective way to boost the performance and reliability of a lift.
Alternatively a full lift replacement offers a brand new lift in the shortest time possible. VT Inspections can help you make that decision.
We offer a complete service covering design, installation and commissioning.


A Comprehensive Approach

VT Inspections can help with the design stages of vertical transportation in new developments. Our consultancy services include the preparation of technical specifications for new lifts and escalators, coordinating tender packages and issuing tender analysis.
We carry out traffic analysis studies of building populations and
BREEAM Statements to achieve required Energy Credits for planning of new developments.
Our construction phase duties consist of design reviews, payment application reviews and final site assessments. We ensure that all construction duties are carried out in line with the Construction Design and Management Regulations. We can issue Pre-Construction Information, review Construction Phase Plans and F10 applications.



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